Svetlana Village
Svetlana is a living breathing organism, not simply an institution of social care with its own farm. The word "handicapped" loses its meaning here and people with limited abilities use their abilities, take part in the daily care for the earth which feeds us, the houses which stand on it, and nature which makes our lives beautiful...

Svetlana Village is a place with happy people who are able to share a piece of their happiness with the people we care for... although it is often quite a question, who cares for whom.
Svetlana is a living breathing organism, not simply an institution of social care with its own farm. The word "handicapped" loses its meaning here and people with limited abilities use thir abilities, take part in the daily care for the earth which feeds us, the houses which stand on it, and the nature which makes our lives beautiful, the people who live nearby who are so different in their possibilities and strivings.
We can call life in Svetlana "the privilege of being nearby": near the the sunrise, the earth which rewards us for our efforts, the animals which we have tamed and which we are responsible for, the beauty of the Syas river and Ladoga lake, the fields and forests which change so magically in the course of the year, near to each other and the eternal questions about goodness, consciousness, love and patience, near to ourselves... Life which contains all the colours of the rainbow, from the brightest to the deepest.

The farm with cows and hens, vegetable garden, the bakery, cheese factory and creative workshops
The Farm
Our farm is big: 56 hectares of agricultural land, bee hives, a stable with 10 milking cows, chickens, pigs and even a donkey.
Of course, there is a lot of work, but this is also a gift... it is work on the land and with the animals which gives the Village such an impulse for development, forms such a meaningful way of life for the people who live here. Being needed - this is both an art, and a great joy in life, and this we are taught by our working days.

The Garden
We try to grow enough vegetables and fruit to last us through the long winter: potatoes, carrots, onions, various kinds of cabbage, leeks, parsnips, celery, courgettes, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, as well as strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and some apples..
The Bakery
The bakery is a favourite place for many of us - here the beautiful oven is fired, it smells of freshly baked bread, people bake cakes and biscuits and we have our teabreaks.
Work in the cheesery demands discipline, responsibility, attention, cleanliness. You can't possibly postpone any of the work, it all has to be done on time. Making cheese is just the start of the process - it has to ripen, and you can eat it only after some months. For all that time it needs to be cared for: turned, wiped, kept at the right temperature and humidity. The people in this workshop also make yoghurt, butter, cream cheese, soft cheese, sour cream, cream and sometimes even ice cream.
Creative workshop
The creative workshop is the place where work can be the most unexpected and inspiring. This process requires a lot... but the result no one can predict in advance.
For volunteers
Every year many volunteers from Russia and other countries come to us to share our lives and help with various tasks. Life with us, most likely, is very different from what you have seen before. You will be part of an extended family that includes adults with special needs, employees, and their children
Admission Process
Do you know an adult with developmental disabilities who has the health, strength, and ability to be a part of an active community where work, social, and cultural events go hand-in-hand?
Camphill Village Svetlana may be the right place for that individual. We encourage lives of responsibility and independence among people who desire to contribute to a healthy, vibrant community through their work and enthusiasm.
How does someone become a resident of Svetlana village?
Before the admission process begins, we welcome visitors and encourage potential applicants and their families to visit the village and get to know us – please phone for an appointment first, so that we can be sure we have time to meet you and show around.
The Interview
In the interview, we ask questions about the applicant's life and background, and try to assess whether the applicant will benefit from a trial visit, and whether we have the capacity to receive him or her in one of our houses. The interview involves the applicant's family, his or her parents, guardians, and/or social workers, and one or two Svetlana co-workers.
Trial Visit
After the interview, the applicant may be invited for a trial visit. Usually, the applicant spends the first few days in the village with his or her parent or close relative, and then remains for a further four weeks. If our community is a good fit for the applicant, he or she will be invited to join us. Sometimes, the trial period will be extended for up to six months, until it becomes clear whether the village is the right place for the applicant.
Throughout the entire admission process, we look for basic compatibility. We try to see what the strengths and needs of the individual are, and assess what our needs and capacities are to meet those needs. We look at what the individual may bring to the community in terms of sociability and other qualities, as well as what he or she can offer and contribute to the Village's work life. We assess the individual's care and emotional support needs, as well.
Svetlana Village is funded entirely by donations, and by the efforts of those who live here and produce food etc. We ask for donations from friends and families of residents, to enable the village to cover its running costs.
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Camphill Village Svetlana

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